We collect, repair & give


    Despite the good vibes and the unconditional love for the ocean, surfing is far from being ecological. There is a lot to improve, from the conception to the recycling process.


    Got an old broken board? Just donate it to Paddle-paddle. We will decide with our partners Nomads Surfing if it is worth being recycled or repaired.

    Picture: boards collected in Bali, going to Lombok

    We boost education


    Surfing is cool, but it's not the only thing that matters. With the help from local actors, we use surfing to raise awareness on the importance of getting a proper education for a cool job and a better future.

    Here are two girls during a class provided by our partner Costeño Social Foundation in Colombia. English, maths, but also cooking, music and yoga classes. How cool is that?

    We promote Art & Culture


    Culture and art were created to tell stories and change people's perception on life (usually for the better). Because it helps to create a smarter future, we decided to include paint, music, photography, and video as the third priority in our mission.


    Picture: board painting workshop in Colombia, in partnership with POSCA and Aurélie Andrès


    We are working on it

    Ghana, Accra - summer 2021

    Bring surfboards to SurfGhana in Accra

    This amazing project is gathering around 2000 young locals, both men and women, around the cultures of skateboarding, surfing, and art. A great source of inspiration for their actions like events, competitions, concerts and other popular project around the country. They need 15 surfboards. We have the boards, now let's fix them and give all of them to the project!​

    France, Hossegor - summer 2021

    Organize a surf & feminism event to support Aneesha's project in India

    Once we heard the story of Aneesha and her mother Shaila – thank you Chicks on Boards – we knew we had to do something. We got in touch and then met in Sri Lanka. Aneesha now wants to start running a surf school in India, a peaceful place, open to everyone. To raise awareness around womens condition in surfing and her meaningful project, we are working on an event in our home country. Many good news already, can't wait to share everything with you all.

    Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar - winter 2021

    Bring surfboards to Bangladesh Surf Lifesaving Club in Cox's Bazar

    Shaifullah Sefat, founder of the club, got in touch with us when we started Paddle-paddle. We had eyes on another similar project, but when he introduced what he was doing: giving swimming, surfing and life-saving lessons to local kids, we immediately decided to help him and his team to get some proper surf equipment!

    Colombia, near Santa Marta - early 2022

    Organize a surf, art & ecology festival for Costeño Social and Seek Surf.

    After an amazing project in September 2019, the whole team is thinking of gathering again in this crazy wild place to organize the coolest charity event ever seen: music, art workshops, surf and good vibes. Our main goal? Raise money for Costeño Social and Seek Surf, but also bring some more surf equipment to local groms, so they can boost their surf school project.

  • YERÉ

    When Paddle-paddle was in Colombia

    Watch it with French, Spanish and English subtitles: http://tiny.cc/byiypz

    Yeré: a state of mind in which one shines, feels happy, thrives. It is also the title given to the video about our project in Colombia with Aurélie Andrès. A 30-minute deep dive by the Caribbean coastline, between the jungle and the mountains, where surfing is giving new future prospects to a young generation who have a long road ahead.




    Used or new

    Any shape or size

    Even if broken in half, because we can recycle it and you probably can't.


    Used or new, we are a dream place for lonely fins or broken leashes

    Fins, leashes, but also wax, boardshorts, wetsuits and sunscreen.


    Even a small one

    ...but the bigger, the better

    Because we only go to remote locations, transportation costs a lot of money. We definitely need help on this part.


    Our missions around the world

    March 7th-8th 2020, Weligama

    Location : Weligama

    • Swimming equipment for the Sea Sisters program 
    • Inspirational talk and lifesaving show
    • Swimming lesson
    • First Aid update with the Sea Sisters volunteers

    October 24th to 27th 2019

    Location : somewhere along the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

    • +10 surfboards for Costeño Social's kids
    • Environmental talk & beach cleaning
    • Board customization workshop & mural painting
    • Lifesaving games & surf


    April 7th to 9th 2019

    Location : Rabat & Ain Sebaâ (Casablanca)

    • +15 surfboards for Medina Surfing association and the kids of the Medina
    • +3 surfboards & equipment for Abdeladih, a local surfing figure in Ain Sebaâ
    • Environmental talk
    • Surf competition


    November 18th 2018

    Location : Nambung beach area

    • +12 surfboards for local kids with the help of Anne, our contact in Lombok. 
    • Next stop in April with more surfboards and school supplies

    November 5th 2018, Lakey Peak, Indonesia

    Location : Lakey Peak, Indonesia

    • +1 surfboard for local kids
    • First surfboard given!

    Inspiring stories about people we meet on the way.

    October 21, 2020 · Interviews,by Mathieu Maugret,📷 Mathilde Metairie,Trad by Sebastian
    During the planning for our project in Sri Lanka, we needed a doctor who was ready to join us and...
    October 20, 2020 · Interviews,by Mathieu Maugret,📷 Mathilde Metairie
    Pour l'organisation de notre mission au Sri Lanka, nous avions besoin d'un.e médecin prêt à nous...
    September 22, 2020 · Interviews,by Chloé Valls,📷 Mathilde Metairie,Trad by Sebastian
    Our discussion with Carlos and Miky, members of Costeño Social, Paddle-paddle’s partner in...
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